Use Facebook As A Pro: 12 Tricks You Didn’t Know

Everyone has Facebook: from young children who still occupy a pacifier – and whose parents have opened an account for them – to those who are already grandparents. There is a lot you can do in this application, which is surely the one you use the most on your phone, that’s why we collect the best tips and pilgrims to start using Facebook like a pro.

But Facebook has many features to get the most out of the juice or at least to configure it in the way you like, especially when it comes to reading what interests you or not being bothered with invitations like Candy Crush that more than one of them It makes humanity out of the head.

Save the things that matter to you for later review

Simple: you can mark it to look at it when you have some free time. For this, you must click on the arrow that appears in the upper right corner of the publication and choose “save link”. To access what you have archived, you should see the menu on the left side of the screen under “favorites” where it says “saved.”

Block game invitations

Crush and Criminal Case invitations (how many times have you read or maybe written yourself: “Don’t send me game invitations!”). But instead of shouting at the four winds of social networks that stop bothering you, take the bull by the antlers and block those hateful propositions.

In the FB mobile application you should go to more (the three horizontal lines)> settings> account settings> notifications> notifications from apps and remove the ticket that you are not interested in.

On the computer, you must click on the arrow that appears at the top right and select settings. A menu will open on the left side of the screen, go to applications and decide the notification options according to your preferences.

Create a video for your profile

In the FB application on your phone, select your photo and then click on “Take a new profile video” to record a mini-movie of yourself (or your pet). Some ideas are to get closer and get away from the camera, stick out your tongue, put crazy faces, etc. Surely you will come up with something much more original.

Prevent the videos from playing on your phone

So that this does not happen, you can set in the configuration that the videos do not play automatically or only when you have access to a Wi-Fi network.

In the mobile app, you must go to more (the three horizontal lines)> settings> account settings> videos and photos and choose your preferences.

Choose the pages and profiles that you do not want to miss

If you are a fan of something or someone, you can select them from the FB application on cell phones to not miss anything that they publish. For this, go to more> settings> news feed preference> prioritize who to see first.

Review everything you’ve done

The Activity Log (or Activity Log in English) documents everything you’ve ever commented on, posted and even liked. You can access it from the phone or the computer and select by year and even by month (you will be surprised at how much you do in FB!).

See your profile the way the rest see it

A useful feature to know what information is visible on your page for your friends and not friends. That way, you can edit or improve your privacy and know if you are sharing too much personal information.

From the computer go to your profile, and in the cover photo, you will see a tab that says see activity log and three points. If you click on the points, more options will open, select “see how”.

Difference between a friend and a follower

In FB you must accept their friend request. A follower, on the other hand, does not need your approval, but will only have access to the posts you have made public. If you do not want followers, you should go to your account settings and the “followers” section and define your preferences.

And if you choose to “follow” a friend that means you will see in your news feed the things they post. When it comes to famous people, a blue circle with an arrow indicates that FB has verified that their identity is real and is not someone posing as DiCaprio, for example.

Receive notices when your favorite friends post something

If you know someone who always posts things that interest you, you can define getting a notification every time it uploads something new. For that go to your profile and click on “friends”,

Choose that person you always want to know about and select “receive notifications.”

Do not miss a blink of that friend

If yours goes further and you want to know not only what that person has published, but also what he has commented and the things he has put “like” – a bit obsessive, but we won’t judge – you can use the FB search engine to find this information. Of course, it works in the English version of the app.

Use the search engine to find information

Complementary to the above, it is possible to search not only for people, but also for virtually anything you can think of and you can read what others have published in FB about that or the information that It circulates there. You decide what interests you, but you can inquire from global warming to Oscar memes.

Stop seeing the posts of the typical side

We all know someone in FB who publishes from when he got up until he arrived from work at night (we know what he ate, how much he ran, who he was with, etc.) or certain friends who they post photos incessantly too “gore” that you would rather not see. But what do you do if the matter is not so much as to get it off your friends list, because you still care for it? One solution is to go to your profile where it says “following” and choose “unfollow”. With this, you will no longer see his posts, but you will remain his friend.